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Company holiday from 12 July to 15 August

During this time there will be no dispatch and no processing of orders and messages. 
Dispatch will take place from 16 August according to the order in which the money is received. 


Due to CORONA restrictions, shipping can sometimes be a little bumpy. 
We constantly strive to ship paid orders as quickly as possible.
We thank you for your understanding.



Sometimes the mail works very slowly.
At the moment we are not able to give exact delivery times. 

In most cases, it works at normal speed,
but to some European countries it sometimes takes up to 4 weeks or more for the parcels to arrive.
To England, there are now additional customs controls, which only increases shipping times. 

We have no explanation for this, even if everyone apologises with COVID-19, and we have no influence on it. 

As a precautionary measure, we would also like to point out that a noticeable number of parcels "disappear" on arrival at German logistics centres.

After shipping you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number.
Then we have no influence on transport times or transport routes.
We can submit a search request at the earliest after 30 days. As long as this is considered a normal post, including any return time.
It also takes about 6 months until we receive a result for the research application.